May 5, 2018

S03 E02 – High Noon

Jon uncharacteristically sleeps through the recording session for this episode and cannot be raised by text messages. Jerry freaks out and asks Anja (one of Jon’s colleagues from CHN) to head over to the condo to find out if Jon is incapacitated or worse. Welcome to the perilous world of PE’s (pulmonary embolisms).

Sponsors: ManGlaze Finger-and-Toenail Polish made by (drunken) guitarists for (drunken) guitarists and the Greenco Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment that gets your asshole super clean without the use of hands (yours, presumably) or (dead tree) toilet paper.

Check out the outrageous new t-shirt that commemorates the brothers’ April 21st live show at Chicago’s reknown Clark Street Ale House.


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