June 9, 2018

S03 E07 – What Becomes of the Broken-hearted?

Show Notes


  1. Jon’s back in Chicago
  2. What’s the weather like?
  3. Sponsor: Catheter Panties at Bare Necessities
  4. What are u doing this weekend? Chicago Lit Fest

Follow-up items

  • Jon is trying to get off the mascot stalker list.
  • Mascot stalker to predator? NAH! Although...
  • Jon worries he may be off the Pre-board List heading toward the No-fly List.
  • Note: just because Jon’s paranoid doesn’t mean he’s schizophrenic.

RFK (anchor topic)

  1. The runt
  2. Clean up man
  3. Cuba missle crisis - “Thank God for Bobby Kennedy” (JFK quote)
  4. Meeting with Baldwin, Bellafonte, etc.
  5. NY Senator and Rats in the Ghetto
  6. The poverty tour for the Senate Nutrition Committee
  7. Apartheid speech in South Africa
  8. César Chavez
  9. A four point campaign
  10. The Ambassador & the busboy

Ancillary topics

  1. Ethel the real deal
  2. Kennedy Women –  A remarkable story for another day.
  3. Joan Osborne – What Becomes of the Broken-hearted?

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