June 16, 2018

S03 E08 – It’s Pronounced “FEE-fah”

Show Notes


  • What’s the weather like?  HOT!
  • Sponsor: Hisense
  • What are u doing this weekend?

Follow-up items

  • Milwaukee mascot decision (difficult for Jon)
  • Congressional Baseball this week (Thursday night)
    • Scalise on field (won’t fully recovery)
    • Dems won (21 to 5)
    • Jerry runs for office to get in game (since it’s softball)?
  • Stormy Daniels - rough landing in Chicago

FIFA World Cup (anchor topic)

  • FEE-fah (pronunciation)
  • Football not soccer
  • Ridiculous terms - Diving (flopping), Nutmeg, Knockout Round, Bicycle Kick, Cow Dribble
  • Mascot - Zabivaka (wolf)
  • Sponsorship
  • LONG - one month 63 matches

Ancillary topics

  • Vince’s groaners
  • Thank you, Dennis!

As mentioned during the show, Jon went to Milwaukee this week...



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