June 23, 2018

S03 E09 – I’m Missing You

Show Notes


Follow up Items

Missing body parts (anchor topic)

  • Replacement parts
    • Nail polish won’t replace your balls
    • A bidet won’t replace your rectum
  • Recent developments as a result of cancer treatment and missing parts
    • PSA on the rise - Jerry
    • Pulmonary embolism - Jon
    • Blind man analogy (nature seems to abhor a vacuum)

Ancillary topics

  • Vince’s groaners
  • The Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman #MeToo (not on show)


  • Jon eyes mascot with his iPhone in PNC Park, Pittsburgh.
  • Jon gives textural approval to Pittsburgh’s Almost Famous Sandwich from Primanti Brothers.
  • Jerry tries to explode his Bard Medical urine bag using only his catheterized bladder, thus enacting his version of chronic (urine) production.



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