July 28, 2018

S03 E14 – Jon’s Confession Part Deux

Show Notes


  • What’s the weather like?
  • What shirt are you wearing?
  • Sponsors: Gino’s East Pizza? To emphasize not a factor in my indiscretions.  

Follow up Items

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Jon’s Confession Part Deux (anchor topic)

  • Subpar performance on last Bro Show-  NO EXCUSES given but full confession of prior evening’s bad behavior must be made to Father Producer
  • Confession 1- Millennium Park Presentation on Lakefront Park blows up
  • Confession 2- Overdose on Gino’s East deep dish pizza.
  • Confession 3- Stood up at Soldier Field International Soccer match between Manchester City vs BoRussia Dortmund featuring Christian Pulisic, US superstar.
  • Confession 4- Poor late evening exchange of Cardinal-Cubs tickets at Clark Street with Brett-a- Pedia.
  • Confession 5- Later evening viewing of Sumo Wrestling at Clark Street leads to sordid encounter with night nurse.

Ancillary topics

  • Chicago Pigeon Ordinances fail to get to bottom of problem.
  • Vince’s groaner + one




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