August 3, 2018

S03 E15 – Fake News Survival Kit

Show Notes


  • What’s the weather like?
  • What shirt are you wearing?
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Follow up Items

  • Watching your BB team when it sucks. Does it work?
  • Nick Offerman & Amy Poehler- Making It
  • Mascot Museum visit in 2 weeks.

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Fake News Survival Kit (anchor topic)

  • Bro’s have avoided but now have solution
  • Nothing new- newspaper to electronic media
  • Trump’s personality and background
  • Trump’s vocation- Businessman or Entertainer?
  • Trump’s work in Professional Wrestling
  • Survival by viewing Fake News through the lens of Professional Wrestling
    • Face vs. Heel
    • Support players- mouthpiece, enforcer, carpenter
    • Crowd- heat, mark, over (desired reaction), plants
    • Story- book, skit, kayfabe, run-in’s, serves & turns and screwjob (unfair part to story)
    • Organizing- Tag Teams to New World Order

Ancillary topics

  • Vince’s groaner




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