September 22, 2018

S03 E22 – Two Mayors




    • Rahm - not running for  re-election mayor
    • 21 Mayoral Candidates- still counting; get in line
    • General Mayor Election Feb & Runoff April
    • Jon – Party for Animals Candidacy
      • Humans are only living species destroying Earth
      • We are exploiting the animals that know how to properly live on earth.
      • City creatures, like rats and pigeons, deserve more respect.  
      • Urban Golfing in Urban Nature Reserves
      • Urban Agriculture with best green practices
      • New Obama Presidential Museum Site
    • Jeri – Eunuch Mayoral Candidate for 2022
      • “My party is zero, my gender is zero, my sexual orientation is zero. Even my name is neutral. It’s time to have a eunuch run your city—a results-driven, objective person without bias of any kind.” – Jeri
      • Run a clean campaign – taking zero outside, institutional money
      • Take Austin out of the 1960’s and into the 21st Century through adult education
      • Affordable decentralized energy – Austin Power and Light becomes Austin Climate Control
      • Free public transportation – monorails and gondolas (eminent domain)
      • Better business through realistic, de-institutionalized education that’s truly accessible by young people
      • Healthiest food supplies via decentralized urban agriculture and native animal husbandry
      • Let animals restore our ecosystems by living among us again as animals rather than as pets
      • Better health through the world’s best medicine and treatments
      • Addiction education for all that includes inconvenient truths
      • Eradicate bullying, spousal abuse, road rage, school/workplace shootings, equal pay, PTSD, and LGBTQ issues with a proven treatment (micro-dosing)
      • Forget about marijuana legalization and gun control (see prev point)
      • Make people sacred, not crucifiction sites (churches)







  • Vince’s groaners


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