October 13, 2018

S03 E25 – What’s Sex Got To Do with It?


  • What’s the weather like?
  • What shirt are you wearing?
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What’s Sex Got to Do with It?

  • We were taught that homosexuality was a disease

    • Sex, gender, illness
    • Gender is a moving target
  • The LGBT acronym has a Q at the end
    • Is the Q mean “other”, or is it something else?
    • Blondie comes up with a CNN show (Lisa Ling) to help us understand
    • Magic Johnson is the way Lisa got this episode “sold”
  • It all comes down to IDENTITY, not sex (orientation or binary gender)
    • What kind of _______ are you without a gender or sexual orientation?
    • Survival is the issue! Self loathing -> Self harm -> Suicide
  • Road to Acceptance by Green Day (performed HERE; lyrics only HERE)
    • I always waste my time just wondering
      What the next man thinks of me
      I'll never do exactly what I want
      And I'll sculpt my life for your acceptance
    • It's just like our brain
      When it goes insane
      We feel the same pain
  • Does gender dysphoria have PTSD-like symptoms?



  • Vince’s groaners




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