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Strange Baseball Injuries

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Strange Baseball Injuries

Jon Daniels

Sources: Compiled from variety of sources including SABR List Serv, google searches, and contributions of many baseball friends.

Note: The descriptions of the below injuries is primarily based on the explanations provided by the injured. Players have been known to cover up the real reason for their injuries to avoid violation of their contract for participating in dangerous activities.

Updated as of May 25, 2019 (updates are italicized).

David Aardsma was unable to pitch for 2 days in September 2009 due to a sore back. The soreness came from maintaining the same seating position on a Tampa to Seattle flight while reading what must have been a very interesting book.

Jeremy Affeldt had a string of freak injuries. First, the left-handed reliever cut his hand while trying to separate frozen hamburger patties for a barbecue in September 2011. The next season, in May 2012, Affeldt sprained his right knee when his 4-year-old son jumped into his arms. Then in August 2015, Affeldt partially dislocated his left knee while playing with his kids on an off-day at Loon Lake near his offseason home of Spokane, Wash.

Rick Aguilera's conversion from closer to the Minnesota rotation in 1996 was delayed when he hurt his wrist at the end of spring camp while loading his wife's suitcase onto the equipment truck that was headed north. Something in the way he lifted the suitcase onto the truck with his right arm exacerbated a case of tendinitis in his wrist, and Aguilera landed on the disabled list to start the season.

Doyle Alexander on May 6, 1982 gave up five runs in the third inning for the Yankees; and then slammed his pitching hand into the dugout wall and broke a knuckle on his pinkie.

On August 24, 1967, Richie Allen got out to push his disabled car and, in doing so, put his hand through the glass covering the headlight, cutting his hand pretty badly and severing a tendon in his hand. Because of the injury, Allen missed the rest of the season and would have little sensation in the two middle fingers on his throwing hand.

Moises Alou injured his knee in 1999 when he fell off his treadmill. When almost recovered he reinjured the knee when he ran into his son while riding his bicycle

Brian Anderson suffered nerve damage in his elbow after a cab ride.

Reliever Larry Anderson strained a rib muscle getting out of a Jucuzzi

Just prior to spring training in 2013, Elvis Andrus decided to get his 1st tattoo. The procedure which took 9 hours over 2 days resulted arm discomfort (burning sensation) that caused him to miss the 1st couple days of spring training.

Luis Aquino once burned a fingertip in the early 1990s when, upon the arrival of his oven-hot plate at a Mexican restaurant, he ignored the warnings of his server and touched it. He quickly developed a blister on his finger and was scratched from a spring start

On June 28, 1935, Earl Averill's consecutive-game streak ends at 673 when he is injured in a pre-July 4th fireworks accident. Cleveland still won 6–5 over the visiting White Sox

Rocco Baldelli. Tampa Bay center fielder, tore his left ACL playing Wiffle Ball at home in Rhode Island in November 2004 and miss the entire 2005 season following reconstructive knee surgery.

Outfielder Bret Barberie missed a game when he accidentally rubbed chili juice in his eye.

In 2003, Carlos Baerga cut his finger when he handed money over to his cousin to pay for gas and got his hand slammed in the car door.

On June 14, 2013, Jeff Baker of the Rangers injured his thumb giving a high five and landed on the DL for a month.

Clint Barmes of the Rockies broke his left collarbone in a fall while carrying groceries up the stairs in his apartment building on June 5, 2005. Barmes grew tried of waiting for the elevator and decided to take the stairs to his fourth floor apartment. With groceries in one hand and a sweatshirt in the other, he slipped, was unable to grab the railing and landed directly on his shoulder. Several days later, Barmes admitted that he was carrying a large piece of venison up the stairs rather than groceries. He got the venison as the result of a deer-hunting trip with Todd Helton.

Jim Barr took a swipe at a sign that a fan was holding. The sign said something like "Angels are #2" & had a toilet seat on it. Barr didn't realize it was an actual toilet seat & not drawn on when he punched it, injuring his hand

Jason Bartlett of the Twins got hurt during an April 2004 series with the Detroit Tigers. As a result of a snow out in Detroit, Jason decided to remain in his hotel room and watch a basketball game on TV. As he tried to turn the TV into a better viewing position, he got his hand caught underneath the TV and ripped off his fingernail.

Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer cut his right pinkie finger repairing the drone, when he was sliced by the propellers. He tried to give it a go in Game 3 of the 2016 ALCS, but his stitches opened in the first inning and he had to leave the game because of the bleeding.

2 days prior to the 2006 NLDS, southpaw Joe Beimel of the Dodgers cut his left hand on a beer bottle. At first he told the team trainer the cut occurred in his hotel room. Later it was confirmed that the incident took place in a Manhattan bar at 2:30AM. Beimel was unable to pitch and the Dodger lost the series 3 straight to the Mets.

In February 2015, Ron Belisario of the Rays hurt his shoulder while getting out of swimming pool. The injury pushed back his start of spring training 2 weeks.

Prior to Spring Training 2010, Brad Bergesen, pitcher for the Orioles, made a commercial in which pitched without properly warming up. The result was an injured shoulder that caused him to miss 10 days of spring training.

Clarence "Climax" Blethen, a 30-year-old Red Sox rookie, thought that he looked older and meaner if he took out his false teeth when he pitched and kept them in his hip pocket. Yes, he forgot to put them back in his mouth. So, on Sept. 21, 1923, while sliding into second base to break up a double play, Climax Blethen bit himself in the butt.

In July 2010, Geoff Blum of the D-Backs heard a pop in his elbow while putting on his shirt after a game. The elbow injury put him on the DL for 15 days

Wade Boggs, in 1986 tried to take off his boot and stand up on one leg. He fell over and injured his rib(s) missing a several games with the Red Sox were in a pennant season

Ricky Bones (Marlins) went on the disabled list in 2000 after injuring himself while changing channels on the clubhouse TV

RHP Chris Bootcheck of the Angels was placed on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to May 3, 2006, with a strained left hamstring. He was hurt running in from the bullpen during Tuesday's fight between John Lackey and Jason Kendall.

Tagg Bozied, Padres prospect, hit a game winning GS HR on July 19th, 2004, leaped into the air at home plate, and ruptured his pateliar tendon. He was out the rest of the year.

In July 2010, Russell Branyan of the Mariners missed 4 days when he went to close curtains in a hotel during the night and cut his toe on a table.

George Brett (Royals) broke his toe on a chair at his home while running from the kitchen to the TV to watch Bill Buckner of the Chicago Cubs hit.

Chris Brown missed a game with a strained eyelid after sleeping on the eye in a funny way.

Kevin Brown on Sept. 3, 2004 punched a concrete wall inside the Yankees' clubhouse, breaking two bones in his left (non-throwing) hand that will require surgery.

On June 5, 2002, Kevin Brown injured his back while playing with his son. He had back surgery to repair an injured disc in his back. Brown was already on the DL since May 27 with a sprained elbow.

On March 15, 1974, Ron Bryant (Giants 24-game winner in 1973) was severely cut on his side while diving into in a swimming pool. He would only win 4 games after the accident.

Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner suffered a shoulder injury and missed nearly two months of the 2017 season after a dirt-bike accident during one of the team's scheduled off-days in Denver. 

In July 2010, A.J. Burnett of the Yankees hit the clubhouse door with both hands in frustration and suffered cuts that make it impossible to continue pitching in the game.

In 2014 Giants ace Matt Cain tried carving a ham-and-cheese sandwich into "fancy triangles. He lost his grip on his knife, grabbed it in midair, and wound up on the disabled list with a sliced finger.

Jose Cardenal missed a game in 1972 because he was kept awake all night by crickets chirping in his hotel room.

Jose Cardenal missed the opening day game in 1974, because he couldn't blink. He swore his eyes were stuck open.

In September 2011, Brett Cecil of the Blue Jays injured his finger while cleaning a blender and missed a start.

Joba Chamberlain was put on the disabled list and underwent surgery in March 2012 for a dislocated ankle incurred while playing with his son on or around a trampoline

On August 2, 1993, Roger Clemens either was returning from a late supper or an early breakfast when he happened upon a 5-year-old male mixed terrier lying helplessly on the side of an exit road off the Jones Falls Expressway in Baltimore. When Clemens, who owns several dogs, got out of his rented car to help the injured animal, it bit him on the top of his right thumb, which ultimately sent Clemens to Johns Hopkins University Hospital to receive a tetanus shot.

On July 27, 2010, Chris Coghlan of the Marlins tore the meniscus in his left knee while planting a pie in the face of Wes Helms who had just gotten a game winning hit. He missed the rest of the season.

Vince Coleman missed the 1985 World Series when he got rolled up in the tarp machine.

David Cone missed a start in July 1988 after getting bit by his mother-in-law's dog, a Jack Russell Terrier.

Marty Cordova of the Orioles had to limit his time in playing day games in May 2002 when he fell asleep on a tanning bed

Jim Corsi slipped coming out of the shower and sprained his wrist. Corsi has poor eyesight, wasn't wearing contacts, and misjudged his step.

Henry Cotto of the Yankees suffered a ruptured eardrum in the '80s. He was using a Q-Tip on the bench and Ken Griffey Sr. bumped into him.

Danny Cox of the Cardinals was hurt on a day off during 1986 spring training when he went fishing.  He jumped down off a wall onto a beach and hurt his leg/ankle. 

Mike DeJean on Sept. 1, 1998 Rockies reliever went to work on a partition separating two lockers, fracturing his left (non-throwing) pinkie.

Ryan Dempster broke his toe while trying to jump over a dugout fence to greet his Cub teammates after a July 2009 victory.

In September 2004, while taking part in a rookie hazing ritual, Kyle Denney of the Cleveland Indians was shot in the right calf while riding in the team bus from Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium to the airport. At the time he was wearing a cheerleading outfit as part of the ritual. The outfit included a pair of white leather cheerleading boots which police say might have limited the bullets impact.

While on the disabled list in May 2012 with a left side oblique strain, Mark DeRosa gave a high five to Bryce Harper (for stealing home) with his left hand further injuring his left side.

Bo Diaz died on November 23, 1990, from a fall while adjusting the satellite dish on his roof  

In April 2009, Chris Dickerson bumped his head while unsuccessfully rotating through a revolving door at the Reds team hotel in Pittsburgh and was unavailable for the game that day.

In March 1936, Joe DiMaggio, Yankees prized rookie, was left unattended with his foot in a diathermy machine. The resulting burn ended his spring training and delayed his ML debut until May 6, 1936. .

Two days before the Angels' first full-squad workout, then-shortstop Gary DiSarcina walked out of the batting cage right into George Hendrick's fungo bat. Unfortunately, Hendrick happened to be hitting fungoes at the time, and DiSarcina suffered a broken wrist and missed 2½ months.

Outfielder Lucas Duda broke his right wrist in October 2012 while moving furniture at his apartment in Southern California. He had surgery and was available for spring training in February 2013.

In July 2005, Chicago White Sox outfielder, Jermaine Dye missed four games after a spider bit his leg in a Cleveland hotel bed.

Padre Adam Eaton missed one game after accidentally stabbing himself in the stomach with a small knife while trying to open a package of DVD's. The wound required two stitches. Eaton called the mishap "a boneheaded play."

In 2014, Dodgers catcher  A.J. Ellis leaped into the air to celebrate Josh Beckett’s no-hitter but then made the mistake of landing -- on top of a catcher's mask, which wasn't even his (since he didn't catch that game). One sprained ankle later, he was headed for the disabled list

Kyle Farnsworth on Aug. 27, 2004 Cubs reliever gave up six runs in the ninth to Houston, then kicked an electric fan and sprained his right knee; placed on 15-day disabled list the next day.

In 2009, Kyle Farnsworth needed stitches on his hand after trying to break up a fight between his two bulldogs.

In 1951, Bob Feller scalded himself from the waist down with 200-degree water after he lost control of the hose in a whirlpool. He was unable to pitch for a week.

In 1927, Fat Freddie Fitzsimmons, Giants pitcher, fell asleep in a rocking chair while talking to Rogers Hornsby and Bill Terry. While rocking as he snoozed, the 217-game winner crunched his pitching fingers under the chair. His month-long injury might have cost the Giants a pennant.

In 1997, Blue Jays pitcher, Huck Flener while flying to spring training, a brief case dropped from an overhead bin and hit him in the shoulder chipping his collarbone.

In 2004, Marlins pitcher Bryce Florie jumped out of bed after having a bad dream and slammed into a sliding glass door, He wound up in ER with 15 stitches from a cut.

John Franco on June 15, 1993 Mets closer punched the door to the sauna in the visiting clubhouse in Atlanta and knuckle of right index finger had to be stitched.

On April19, 2015, Scooter Gennett (Brewers) suffered a cut on his hand when reaching for some body wash in a shower and slicing his knuckle on a sharp metal corner of the soap holder.

Tom Glavine (Braves) broke a rib in 1992 after vomiting up airplane food.

Tom Glavine (Mets) lost two teeth and a start in 2004 after a cab ride from Shea to LaGuardia resulted in an accident.

Hall of Fame pitcher Lefty Gomez, while trying to knock dirt from his spikes, smashed his bat into his ankle instead and had to be carried off the field.

Doc Gooden missed a start when Coleman accidentally hit him with a golf club in the Mets' clubhouse

Mark Grace of the Arizona Diamondbacks, he broke his toe crossing the clubhouse to congratulate teammate Damian Miller on making the All-Star team.

Bobby Grich injured his back lifting an air conditioner causing him to miss most of the 1977 season.

In September 2007, Ken Griffey Jr. missed a game after his protective cup slipped and pinched a testicle.

In April 2013, Jeremy Guthrie was put on the 15-day disabled list after injuring his right shoulder in a fall from his bicycle. Guthrie was pedaling to Coors Field when the chain on his bicycle came off and he tumbled to the ground, jamming his shoulder in the fall.

Tony Gwynn missed a couple of games in 1992 after he smashed his thumb in the door of his luxury car. while going to the bank.

Rick Harden, A’s pitcher, strained his shoulder in 2004 spring training turning off his alarm clock.

In 1987, Greg Harris (Texas, pitcher) injured his shoulder trying to flick sunflower seeds into the stands from the bullpen

Corey Hart of the Pirates cut his foot on the filter cover of a hot tub in the clubhouse on March 1, 2015. He slipped while entering the tub and his foot landed hard on the sharp edge of the cover.

Padres bullpen catcher Justin Hatcher needed two shots of penicillin in May 2011 after getting bitten by a squirrel in the bullpen in Coors Field

Wes Helms, slipped in the tunnel to the dugout in San Juan and blew out his knee that required surgery. Helms was rushing to see the status of a rain delay during a 2004 Expos game.

In August 1993, Rickey Henderson missed several games because of frost- bite that occurred when he left an ice pack on his ankle too long.

Roberto Hernandez slipped on the tarp during the American League team photo
in the 1996 All-Star Game.  Hernandez was unhurt, but when he fell, he accidentally punched Cal Ripken, breaking his nose

In 1990, Glenallen Hill missed a few games after falling out of his bed while having an arachnophobic dream about spiders. He dreamt that spiders were devouring him, jumped off his bed, fell through a glass table, and crawled through the shards of glass

Denny Hocking missed the 2002 AL Championship Series when he injured the middle finger of his throwing hand during a post game celebration. After catching the final out of a Division Series victory, he was spiked by a teammate when his teammate piled on to congratulate him.

Rangers pitcher Derek Holland had surgery on his left knee in January 2014 and was out for half of the 2014 season, thanks to his overzealous dog. Holland was playing with his boxer named Wrigley—a name that doesn't exactly exude luck—while running up the stairs when Wrigley tripped Holland.

In 1980, Rick Honeycutt incurred a deep scratch on his forehead when wiping his brow with his hand in frustration after being ejected from a game for having a thumb tack taped to the finger of his pitching hand.

In March 1986, Charlie Hough (Rangers) broke his pinky. shaking hands i.e. pinky shaking, that is.

Thomas Howard began the 1996 season on the DL because he fell down the
stairs of his home while carrying his suitcases on the way to the airport.

Kent Hrbek missed the final 10 games of the 1990 season when he sprained an ankle while wrestling with a clubhouse attendant.

Pitcher Jeff Juden had a start early in the 1994 season pushed back after getting an infection from a tattoo.

Jason Isringhausen on April 11, 1997 fractured small bones in his right (throwing) wrist by punching a clubhouse trash can during a game with the Mets' Triple-A affiliate, Norfolk.

Jason Isringhausen in May 2008 suffered lacerations on his right (throwing) hand when he punched a TV in Tony La Russa’s office. This incident occurred soon after Iringhausen was removed from his closer’s role with the Cardinals. He was placed on the 15-day disabled List as a result of this injury.

In 2009, Mariners catcher, Rob Johnson suffered a sprain ankle while jumping up and down near home plate in anticipation of greeting Ichiro on a walk off home run.

Al Kaline broke a finger when he smashed his bat into the bat rack after striking out in the middle of the 1967 season. Kaline was also the leader in votes for the AL All-Star team & had to miss the game. He missed 26 regular season games. The Tigers finished the season one game behind pennant-winning Boston.

Randy Keisler of the New York Yankees was bit by a pigmy rattlesnake in his back yard in May 2002. He was on the DL recovering from a shoulder injury at the time of the second injury.

In spring training 2019, Joe Kelly, Dodger reliever, stood hunched over his stove for five hours making a Cajun feast for his teammates. His back tightened up and he missed his next scheduled relief appearance.

In 2013 Ian Kennedy of the D-Backs suffered a cut while wishing dishes at home. He cut his finger on a knife and missed a start.

During 2002 spring training, Jeff Kent chipped a bone in his hand while breaking a fall as he slipped. Kent reported to the Giants that he was washing his pickup truck at a car wash when the mishap occurred. Later, witnesses confirmed that Kent had an accident on motorcycle while doing wheelies near Scottsdale Stadium.

Jonathan Lucroy of the Brewers suffered a broken bone in his right hand in May 2012. He suffered the injury while reaching for a sock under a hotel bed at the same time his wife bumped a suitcase that landed on his hand. He was out for 2 months.

In 1999, Ryan Klesko (Braves) overexerted himself and pulled a muscle while picking up his overloaded lunch tray.

In September 2009, Derrek Lee suffered a sore neck when teammate Angel Guzman slapped his batting helmet after Derrek crossed home plate in front of Jeff Baker who hit a game winning home run off the San Francisco Giants. Derrek was out of the lineup for five days.

Matt Mantei cut his hand while opening a can of dog food just before Spring Training 2002.

Dennis Martinez injured his arm tossing his luggage onto the team bus. He was diagnosed with Samsonitis

In April 1987, Rangers' Oddibe McDowell, meanwhile, missed the start of a season after cutting his finger while buttering a roll at the team's welcome-back luncheon.

After the 1979 season, Roger Metzger lost 4 fingertips to a power saw accident and was unable to comeback.

Doug Mientkiewicz, NY Mets 1B, suffered a slight tear in his right hamstring while stretching in the on-deck circle on June 25, 2005. The Mets put Doug on the 15-day disabled list.

In March 1990, Kevin Mitchell broke a tooth while, eating a Stale donut, causing him to be late in reporting for spring training. This was a surprise to no one as Kevin played at a weight in excess of 250 pounds.

Paul Molitor dislocated a knuckle when it got stuck in another player's glove.

Terry Mulholland on Aug. 21, 1993 Phillies lefthander, angered after serving up a home run, beat up a water cooler and broke his right (non-throwing) hand.

Milwaukee's Dave Nilsson missed part of this season with Ross River Fever, a mosquito-borne virus that annually affects 200 out of Australia's 17 million residents.

In 1988, Bob Ojeda severed a fingertip with his Black & Decker hedge trimmer when it snagged on a branch. But he was able to come back. The doctors re-attached the tip at a slight angle so he could grip the ball effectively.

Ralph Onis, Dodgers catcher, was sidelined in 1935 spring training when he dislocated his jaw biting too vigorously into a sandwich. Later in 1935, Onis singled in his only AB and has a 1.000 career batting average.

In 2004, Akinora Otsuka, San Diego pitcher and Japanese native, was hurt when he was hit in the face by a bat thrown to him by a fan requesting an autograph.

Josh Outman, Rockies pitcher, was put on the disable list in April 2012 when he strained his oblique from vomiting violently after a bout with food poisoning.

In January 2013, Carl Pavano suffered an abdominal injury when he slipped shoveling snow and the shovel handle jammed his midsection. He ended up having his spleen removed and was unable to pitcher during the 2013 season.

In March 2013, Jhonny Peralta experienced an allergic reaction to clam chowder and missed a game. He mistakenly thought the chowder was potato soup.

Carlos Perez broke his nose in a car he was trying to pass the team bus

In June 2005, Oliver Perez of the Pirates broke his toe when he kicked a laundry cart in the clubhouse. He landed on the 15-day DL.

Hunter Pence suffered lacerations all over his body, including large cuts on his left knee and right index finger, when he crashed through a closed sliding glass door on February 18, 2008. Pence was attempting to reach a hot tub already occupied by a female friend and claims that he was not drunk at the time of the accident.

In 1982, pitcher Pascual Perez missed a start in Atlanta when he circled the city for more than two hours searching for the exit ramp from Highway 285 to Fulton County Stadium

Two days before Opening Day in 2018, catcher Salvatore Perez missed four weeks with a Grade 2 tear of the MCL in his left knee.  He fell carrying luggage up a flight of stairs at his home in Kansas City

In 1998, Cliff Politte missed a start when he stepped on a pair of pliers he was using to tighten up his spikes.

Mark Portugal missed a start because of food poisoning from eating bad mahi-mahi

David Price of the Rays injured his neck in 2012 spring training while applying too much pressure a towel behind his head while drying it off. He missed a spring training start.

In April 2019, Cardinal pitcher Alex Reyes punched a wall in frustration after a bad outing in a minor league rehab appearance and ended up breaking a pinkie in his non-throwing hand.  He is expected to miss 4 weeks of action.

In September 2008, after fouling off a pitch, White Sox outfielder Carlos Quentintried to tap his right hand on the bat as he was holding the bat with his left hand, a reactive habit he often did after a pitch.  Unfortunately, this time his wrist tapped the bat rather than his hand.   After several days of discomfort, the wrist was x-rayed and season-ending surgery was done. Carlos had 36 HR’s and 100 RBI’s at the time of the mishap and was considered a MVP candidate.

Former Seattle shortstop Rey Quinones was unavailable as a pinch-hitter because he was in the clubhouse playing Nintendo

In February 2002, Mark Quinn injured his ribs while kung fu fighting with his brother just before spring training. He crashed into a chair as he fell backwards during the fighting

Hanley Ramirez injured his hand on a fan after grounding out in July 2012. He suffered a cut on his knuckle and received 2 stitches. The cut became infected and impaired his hitting.

Cubs Lefty, Mike Remlinger injured his pinky finger on his pitching hand when it got pinched between the wooden arms of the reclining chair upon which he was sitting and another close chair. The injury took place in the Cubs clubhouse on May 22, 2005. The damaged finger caused Remlinger to go on the 15 DL.

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Marc Rzepczynski was injured at a golf outing during spring training 2013 when a golf ball ricocheted and hit the left-handed reliever around his left eye. Rzepczynski missed his scheduled start and was listed as day-to-day.

In March 2013, David Robertson missed 10 days of spring training because of a sore shoulder caused by improper positioning while sleeping.

Kerry Robinson, outfielder of the Omaha Royals, had a chest muscle spasm in center field in April 2006. The muscle spasm was triggered when Robinson was laughing at the antics of a youth team that was involved in a pregame promotion. Robinson actually stayed in the game through the fourth inning, and contributed a single and a run scored. But the spasms continued, and he was forced to the clubhouse for treatment. Despite the injury, Robinson was promoted to the Kansas City Royals in May 2006.

In 1985, Nolan Ryan (Astros) missed a start after being bitten on his hand ... by a coyote.

Marc Rzepczynski suffered an eye injury while playing golf. On his swing from the rough, a piece of debris hit him in the eye. The irritation caused him to miss 10 days of spring training in 2013.

In March 2015, Chris Sale of the White Sox fractured his foot when he jumped off the back of his truck and landed awkwardly.

Kazuhiro Sasaki, Mariner’s closer, tripped while carrying his luggage up the stairs of his home after a 14-day road trip in June 2003. Sasaki badly bruised his ribs in the tumble and was placed on the 15 day disabled list.

In early September 2015, Nationals closer Drew Storen released the collective anger of a bad second half by slamming a locker on his thumb after giving up a go-ahead HR.  Storen missed the rest of the season.

In April 2003, Richie Sexson of the Milwaukee Brewers strained a neck muscle stretching out a new cap

In June 1908, Cubs Outfield, Jimmy Sheckard had a bottle of ammonia explode in his face and he missed 40 games.

Curt Simmons, the Phillies pitcher who cut off part of his big toe with a lawn mower in the early '50s

In May 2015, Boston reliever Carson Smith threw down his glove in disgust after giving up a decisive HR and suffered a subluxation of his shoulder.  After trying therapy treatment, he underwent season-ending surgery in June.

Mark Smith was hurt when he stuck his hand in an air conditioner to see why it wasn't working properly.

In 1990, John Smoltz (Braves) once burned his chest while ironing a shirt ... which he was still wearing

In 1994, pitcher Steve Sparks dislocated his shoulder while tearing a phone book in half, as he was trying to emulate a motivational speaker the team had heard just before the start of the season.

Sammy Sosa ended up on the DL in 2004 after throwing out his back sneezing.

Bob Stanley missed a couple of games slipping down the stairs while taking out the trash Baltimore's

In 2018, Giants closer Hunter Strickland punched a door after blowing a save opportunity by giving up 3 runs in the 9th inning.  He needed surgery to repair a bone in his hand and missed two months.

In July 2012, Ryan Sweeney of the Red Sox punched a door after being robbed of a hit and missed 4 weeks with an injured hand.  Teammate Aaron Cook gave him a pair of boxing gloves to lessen the chance of injury during future bouts with anger.In July 2011 Brian Tallet was put on the 15 DL for a rib cage injury caused as the result of a sneezing attack.

In March 2013, A’s prospect Michael Taylor suffered a cut on his finger while tossing out his gum before going on the field. In the follow through on his gum toss, he hit the dugout ceiling light. The injury cost him 11 days of spring training

Mickey Tettleton went on the DL with a severe case of athlete's foot - caused by tying his shoes too tight

Brett Tomko, Giants pitcher, did a little pirouette to celebrate his strikeout of Royce Clayton on Sept. 1, 2004 and sprained his ankle.

When John Tudor of the Cardinals was knocked out in the third inning of Game Seven of the 1985 WS (after allowing five runs), he punched a rotating fan in the clubhouse, severely cutting his hand, and was even surlier than usual to members of the press.

On July 4, 2008, Rockie Troy Tulowitzki sliced his right palm when he pounded his maple bat and it shattered. The cut required 16 stitches but did not damage any tendons or nerves. Tulowitzki became upset when manager Clint Hurdle yanked him from the game in a double switch in the 7th inning of an 18-17 win over the Marlins.

In 1970, Cecil Upshaw dislocated the ring finger on his pitching hand when he caught his ring in an awning while demonstrating a dunk to teammates?

John Vander Wal blew outs his knee shoving snow before the 2004 season

In 2000, Mo Vaughn missed a game when a piece of drywall from a leaking ceiling landed in his eye.

Florida's Randy Veres hurt his hand pounding on a hotel room wall trying to get the people in the next room to quiet down

David Wells once broke his pitching hand in a street fight outside a bar after his mother's wake -- something about a comment concerning her days riding with the Hells Angels.

San Diego Padres pitcher David Wells, suffered a severed tendon in the right wrist in 2004 when he tripped over a bar stool while playfully chasing a buddy who had tapped him on the back, falling on a glass and bottle he was carrying.

John Wetteland on March 6, 1993 Expos closer fractured his right big toe after kicking a batting-practice screen in spring training.

Jack Wilson, Pirates SS, reached down to pick up his son’s toy and twisted his knee in 2004.

Jay Witasick, Padres reliever, strained his biceps while throwing away a heavy trash bag contained a watermelon rind. This mishap caused Jay to miss the first two months of the 2003 season.

In April 2008, Keiichi Yabu of the San Francisco Giants suffered scratches on both corneas when an exercise band which he uses to strengthen his arms snapped loose and struck him in the face.

Pat Zachary on July 24, 1978 Mets pitcher kicked a dugout step and broke his toe after being removed from the game.

Joel Zumaya in October 2007 suffered a separated right shoulder when a heavy box fell off of a shelf onto his shoulder. Nearby wildfires in San Diego spurred Zumaya to move some World Series mementoes storage at his parent’s house. Joel is not as stranger to unusual injuries. In late 2006, he missed several weeks due to wrist tendinitis caused by squeezing the controls on a video game (Guitar Hero) too hard.