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Baseball, Travel & Hallmark

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2019 Charlotte Baseball Trip

Jon Daniels

In 1991, a group of my SABR friends and I decided to share a weekend of minor league baseball each year. We named our group the Universal Baseball Association (UBA) after the famous BB Novel by Robert Coover. We have attended games in over 40 minor league cities. This year we decided to meet in Charlotte, home of the Chicago White Sox AAA affiliate the Charlotte Knights.

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2019 Opening Day in Milwaukee

Jon Daniels

As soon as the 2019 MLB schedule came out, I looked to see who the Brewers were playing in their home opener. Boy, did I get lucky! For the 2nd year in a row, the Brewers were opening against the Cardinals a week before there would be any baseball in Chicago. Better yet, the 2019 series would be 4 games as opposed to the 3 game series in 2018. Another plus in Milwaukee: the roof at Miller Park (see below) is retractable, thereby removing the possibility of a rain (snow) out.

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Strange Baseball Injuries

Jon Daniels

Sources: Compiled from variety of sources including SABR List Serv, google searches, and contributions of many baseball friends.

Note: The descriptions of the below injuries are primarily based on the explanations provided by the injured. Players have been known to cover up the real reason for their injuries to avoid violation of their contract for participating in dangerous activities.

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