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S04 E08 - A Major Award


The Bro Show Podcast

S04 E08 - A Major Award

Jon, Jeri and Blondie




  • Must be interest to both Jon and Jeri

  • Candidates must both be living human siblings

  • The announcement of the winner

  • Side effect: The sibling name game



  • Vince’s groaners


Blondie's Review

That Leg Lamp in the title picture was “a major award” received by Darren McGavin in “A Christmas Story.”

The Bros seem to have been victims of a collective hallucination: There is no evidence on the web that “Stogie the Fire-starting Bear” ever existed… and yet both brothers remember him. Jeri again asks that if anyone has knowledge of this character, please contact them or post a comment. Just something to reassure them that they’re not both bat-shit crazy.

Jon discusses the “benign dictatorship” of Chicago politics…. like decisions being made in smoke-filed back rooms by cigar-smoking politicians. You gotta “know” somebody. You get the picture.

Then Jon gives props to Mariano (Mo) Rivera, the Yankees pitcher, the ‘closer,’ who was the first person ever to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame unanimously. His uniform number, 42 (also worn by Jackie Robinson), was officially retired.

So, with the Golden Globes already given out, and the Academy Awards coming up, the Brothers suggest that there should be a 2018 Sibling Award, with the requirements for the award listed in the show notes. They gave this a lot of long, hard thought. They didn’t just pull it out of their ass or anything.

The winners are…Lana and Lilly Wachowski. They’re from Chicago, and they’re American film and TV directors, writers, and producers. They are sisters, and both are trans women. They are the driving force behind The Matrix Trilogy.

Listen to the podcast to find out what film Jon and Jeri endorse for the Academy Award. Hint: It’s related to the sponsor.

No matter what the Brothers talk about—and it’s always good, we get to hear Jeri D play and sing us into and out of the show with his rendition of the Green Day classic, Basket Case.