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S04 E09 - Tippecanoe


The Bro Show Podcast

S04 E09 - Tippecanoe

Jon, Jeri and Blondie






  • The Presidential Slogan Groaner

  • Vince’s Groaner


Blondie's Review

At the beginning of the show, Jon pays tribute to the great city of St Louis. He describes the rise and fall of Union Station, which went from one of the largest train stations in the country with over 100 trains running daily, to accommodating three trains by 1978. The infrastructure proved too much to maintain. Thirty years later, Union Station became a shopping mall and dining destination of note. But in recent years that too has come to naught as the signature boutiques and eclectic restaurants were boxed away and moved from the Union Station Mall.

What remains are two hotels on the perimeter. Jon says they are dark, dank, and dreary. They would make a good setting for the next Dracula movie. However, St. Louis does still have one attraction that people dying to visit—one of America's largest CEMETERIES. Namely, Calvary Cemetery. Imagine a 470 acre cemetery being a tourist attraction. The Brothers talk about being raised around the culture of St Louis, including the very distinguishable accent of the region and how travelers from Chicago changed all that.

The Main Topic is “Why Slogans Matter.” A slogan is a “simple and catchy phrase accompanying a logo or brand, that encapsulates a product's appeal or the mission of a firm and makes it more memorable.” Jon worked for a company named “Open Lands,” a regional environmental organization. Their slogan was “Conserving Nature for Life.”

The shifting slogans for Center for Humans and Nature (CHN) seem to appear and disappear as the result of responsive web design used on their site. The slogan appears or not, depending on what device you’re using. Listen to find out Jeri’s very cool and right-to-the-point slogan for CHN.

One of the most famous presidential slogans is “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too,” the slogan for William Henry Harrison, who led the Battle of Tippecanoe and defeated the respected and hated Native American, Tecumseh. Tyler was his running mate. Harrison died a month after taking office. Jon tells us that he caught pneumonia because he refused to wear an overcoat at his inauguration. Jeri said that Tecumseh put a Presidential Curse on him. “One of you will die every 20 years.” Jon wants to explore this legend in a future episode.

You don’t want to miss Jon and Jeri’s discussion of Presidential slogans, past and present. The link to the slogans is in the show notes. The site is very informative. You not only learn the background of the slogans, but who was running, and their opponent. It even includes the known slogans so far for 2020.