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S04 E10 - The 'O' Word


The Bro Show Podcast

S04 E10 - The 'O' Word

Jon, Jeri and Blondie






  • Vince’s Groaners


Blondie's Review

The Brothers did follow up on the Presidential Curse they discussed on the show last week. The War Chief Tecumseh, after his defeat at Tippecanoe, told future president William Henry Harrison, “One of you will die every 20 years.”

The “Tecumseh Curse” link in the show notes lists the Presidents in line of the “alleged” curse. The curse, starting in 1841 with Harrison’s death, pretty much held all the way through JFK’s assassination in 1963. Reagan received an assassin’s bullet, but he survived the attempt. That curse lasted for more than a century.

We learn from Jon that Chicago’s Oriental Theater isn’t the Oriental Theater anymore. It turns out the ‘O’ word is Oriental, and whether it’s racist or not. Is that the new ‘N’ word now? President Obama signed legislation at the end of his term banning the use of the term in all federal documents.

Jayne Tsuchiyama, who wrote an opinion piece for the LA Times, said that many Asian Americans have had racial slurs hurled at them: “Chink, slant eye, gook,” but Oriental was not one of them. BTW, Jon had to get a special dispensation from the Papal Producer to even SAY those words. What do we call Oriental rugs now?

This is only a general outline of the show. You have to hear the Brothers’ hilarious discussion of political correctness. And along the way, you learn a lot, too. We’ve got Jon’s knowledge of all things Chicago. He could give you the Anthony Bourdain tour. .. and Jeri’s command of Native American folklore, including the correct pronunciation of “Tecumseh.”