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S04 E14 - Endangered Cities


The Bro Show Podcast

S04 E14 - Endangered Cities

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


  • What’s the weather there?

  • What shirt are you wearing?





  • Vince’s Groaners



The Brothers talk about 78 year-old Jeopardy host Alex Trebek’s announcement that he has Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The link to his video is in the show notes. He says, “I’m going to fight this!” He said he has to. He has three more years on his contract. Jon applauds his positive and upbeat attitude.   

Jeri compares his prostate cancer to that of pancreatic cancer. The latter is harder to diagnose and is the third largest cause of cancer deaths. The boys discuss their journeys with their various forms of cancer. It’s actually kinda funny (not kidding). 

Jon and Jeri start with a National Geographic article (in the show notes) warning that the rise in sea level will flood hundreds of cities (mostly coastal) in the near future. They explore the least endangered and the most endangered cities in the world. They don’t just talk about boring statistics and data. The environment is an interest they both share. You’ll learn a lot from them without even realizing it. 

Holland is one of the LEAST endangered cities. Jeri knows about it firsthand because his daughter Rose and her family live there. He’s been there. There’s a misperception that Amsterdam is on the verge of sinking into the ocean. On the contrary, they have known how to deal with the rising sea for hundreds of years.  The “dikes” are actually roads. The canals are beautiful swan-filled tributaries. Their anti-flooding infrastructure is integrated into the ecology of the land. 

Jon has been going to Sarasota, Florida for MLB Spring Training for 40 years. This year Jeri is going with him! They’ll be meeting in Florida on Sunday and they’ll be there for a whole week. The show will be done next Friday, before they leave to go back home. 

We should be hearing all about the Florida trip next week. Jon and Jeri on a trip together, and about baseball, no less. Jeri said he’d be ‘boning up’ on his baseball.  Not sure what that consists of, but it’s gotta be fun.