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S04 E15 - The Greatest Show on Earth (Not Us)


The Bro Show Podcast

S04 E15 - The Greatest Show on Earth (Not Us)

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


  • What’s the weather there?

  • What shirt are you wearing?





  • Vince’s Groaners



Before talking about the weather and what shirt they were wearing, Jeri tells Jon about the harrowing dreams he had last night. That in itself is worth a listen. Jon follows up on the Mascot Hall of Fame by announcing the Mascot Boot Camp run by David Raymond, the original Phillie Phanatic mascot. I do remember the episode where Jon recommended that idea to Al Spajer, the Executive Director of the Mascot HoF. Looks like Al listened. 

The Brothers were in Sarasota, Florida this week for MLB Spring Training. Jon tells us how Mark Ridell, a Sarasota native, was deeply involved in the Operation Varsity Blues scandal. He took entrance exams and SAT tests for the children of the wealthy elite, who paid a lot of money for those test scores. This is the scandal in which over fifty folks were involved and arrested—including some high-profile celebs. 

Jeri says he had a ball at the Spring Training games, never having been there before. He didn’t expect to enjoy it, so he was pleasantly surprised. Jon says Jeri brought a different perspective to baseball… like the scratching of balls and the patting of butts. Although there were some minor league players, they also saw some Major League starters for teams like the Phillies, the Rays, and the Orioles. You can hear the guys discuss the trevails of the poor Orioles mascot.

The Greatest Show on Earth is of course, the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. They had their last performance in May of 2017.  Jon gives us a complete history of the circus, starting with the time John Ringling moved it to Sarasota in 1927. After the Great Depression in 1929, FDR gave permission (green light) for the circus to use the railways because its shows were an important morale booster at that time. 

In the 1990’s, animal rights groups started protesting the use of lions, tigers, elephants, etc. We don’t really know how the animals felt, but that was the beginning of the phasing out of the animal acts. The legacy of the traditional circus lives on with The Circus Arts Conservatory in Sarasota, though. Contemporary circuses still exist, especially with the popular Cirque du Soleil. Originating in Canada, there are Cirque du Soleil performances all over the world. In the United States, the shows run in Las Vegas, Nevada and some of the big cities as well.  

What could be more fun than going out to a ballgame and eating peanuts and crackerjacks? Or going to a CIRCUS! You can almost hear the calliope music in the background and hear the crack of the bat!