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S04 E16 - It's Like a Movie


The Bro Show Podcast

S04 E16 - It's Like a Movie

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


  • What’s the weather there?

  • What shirt are you wearing?


  • Grapefruit League Leftovers


  • Kevin Tsujihara - Respected Corporate Leader by day and Party Boy by night

  • Charlotte Kirk - Aspiring actress seeking stardom at all costs, including extortion

  • James_Packer - Australian Billionaire Producer who will promise a girl anything

  • Brett_Ratner - Successful Director/Producer with long list of sexual allegations against him



  • Vince’s (and Jon’s) Groaners



As Spring Training winds down, the Brewers put out a Mean Girls parody video, complete with all the little cliques in the cafeteria, and who the new guy should sit with. It’s very funny and well done. A link to the video is in the show notes.

Ichiro Suzuki, a retiring baseball icon from Japan, played his last MLB game with the Mariners and the Oakland A’s on Thursday, in Tokyo, where he started. He said he was very happy when he gave his emotional farewell. The clip is in the show notes. There is crying in baseball, sometimes.

With the Chicago mayoral election coming on April 2nd, Lori Lightfoot seems to be kickin’ ass. She’s running an ad (in the show notes) with her daughter Vivian, trying mischievously to distract her in the background, while Lori stays totally focused on the issues. It seems Preckwinkle won’t be showing any ads because she’s run out of money. Jon covers all the details of the race, and Chicago politics in general.

The Brothers narrate the Warner Brothers’ scandal involving CEO Kevin Tsujhara “Like a Movie.” It would make a good movie. Tsujhara had to step down when texts were discovered between him and aspiring actress Charlotte Kirk. She accused him of promising her roles for sex.

Jon describes all the “Cast” members, including billionaire producer James Packer and director/producer Brett Ratner. These men became business partners as RatPac Entertainment (as if ‘Ratner’ and ‘Packer’ weren’t bad enough). Jon and Jeri give a fascinating account of events.  Apparently, Ms Kirk made threats to all three of them, bordering on blackmail. It’s still under investigation, but wow. 

Sometimes Life does imitate Art. It writes itself. Leave it to the imagination of the Bros to make it into a movie!