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S04 E18 - The Groaner as an Art Form


The Bro Show Podcast

S04 E18 - The Groaner as an Art Form

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


  • What’s the weather? IN ITALY !

  • What shirt are you wearing?



  • Definition

    • Art form: the more or less established structure, pattern, or scheme followed in shaping an artistic work: the sonata, the sonnet, and the groaner joke are all art forms.

    • Groaner: A joke that's so corny or stupid it makes one groan instead of laugh.

  • The structure/elements

    • Question from teller

    • Putative answer from listener

  • Criteria for evaluating

    • As few words as possible

    • Degree of the groan (badness)

    • Best one on one or small group (dinner table)

    • Stump the listener

  • Rating system

    • Like a movie but with different criteria

    • Justify a rating using criteria

  • It’s not all glamor (injury or death by audience)

  • Examples after sponsor read



  • Jon and Jeri’s Groaners



Jon is broadcasting from Dolo, Italy! He went there with Brett and some of the Ale House crew for a wine/spirits convention. They have been restaurant-hopping, taking a “water taxi” to one of them. They’re not far from Venice. There’s a baseball field in Verona, but there were no games there yet… not even a mascot.

Jeri introduces Jon’s amazing (and hilarious) new article, “Strange Baseball Injuries,” on his blog. You’d be astonished at some of the predicaments baseball players have gotten themselves into. You don’t even have to know the players; the injuries are funny enough. Like the guy who burned his chest ironing a shirt… while he was still wearing it! Jon’s blog is the perfect place for him to chronicle his extensive baseball journeys.

The Bros discuss the historical meaning of Lori Lightfoot’s landslide victory in the Chicago mayoral race.  They also talk about the Department of Justice letter to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, warning them about their efforts to exclude Netflix and other streaming services from the Oscars. This is basically an anti-trust issue. It limits competition and encourages monopolies.

Now we get to the main topic: Groaners! Humor really is an art form. Jon honed his skills with a captive audience, trapped in a car on a 70-mile journey. The Brothers dissect and analyze all the components of a good (or bad) joke, as listed in the show notes.

You’ll come away from this episode laughing. Not only from the groaners, but from literally everything they discuss. Their personalities alone are enough to make you smile.