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S04 E20 - Geography Is Destiny


The Bro Show Podcast

S04 E20 - Geography Is Destiny

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


  • What’s the weather?

  • What shirt are you wearing?





  • Vince’s Groaners



Jon updates his Strange Baseball Injuries List, recounting a recent accident (a broken toe) suffered by Tampa Bay Ray’s pitcher, Blake Snell. Jon calls into question the reported reason for the accident, which seemed to change with each telling of the story.

Further Follow-Ups include the rescue of Dusty the Donkey, who escaped from his trailer on Interstate 90. He was later charged with jaywalking.  The Houston Astros are being sued for one million dollars by the woman whose finger was broken by the mascot Orbits’ reckless firing of a T-shirt cannon.

And find out why the NY Yankees and the Philadelphia Flyers have dropped Kate Smith’s rendition of “God Bless America” from the start of their games. They have also covered up her statue.

The Anchor Topic, “Geography is Destiny” covers how different countries handle the issue of transgender people.  Jeri discusses the outdated, behind-the-times laws in the United States. While only one in 10,000 people are transgender, 48% of them commit or try to commit suicide.

While we are led to believe that gay and trans people in the military is a pervasive issue, it’s not. Only 15 people in the military have had transgender surgery, all performed for free by a transgender female doctor.  The laws on using bathrooms are so convoluted, the solution might just be to let them have their own bathrooms.

In Iran, gay people are pushed to have gender reassignment surgery, when they are not transgender… they are gay. If they don’t have the surgery, they can face death! Sometimes from their own families.

India has a history of sadistic and despicable treatment of their gay and transgender people. “Hijra” is the term given to describe eunuchs, intersex and transgender citizens. You will hear about some of the cruel, twisted behavior heaped upon these human beings.

But there has been some hopeful progress. In 2014, the Hijra were officially recognized as a third gender. Included in the show notes is a video of a public service announcement by the Hijra community about using seat belts. It’s very funny, musical, whimsical and well-done.

One of the fascinating things about The Bro Show is how two brothers, with sometimes different interests and different points of view, can come together respectfully… and still joke about it!