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S04 E22 – [Stupid Name] Stadium


The Bro Show Podcast

S04 E22 – [Stupid Name] Stadium

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


What’s the weather?
What shirt are you wearing?
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Jon’s Hallmark Christmas Movie Review
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Porkchop the Herrin Mascot
Ed, Vlady Jr. and Willians
Kentucky Derby favorite scratched


The worst stadiums/arena names
Current MLB ballparks without naming rights - Let’s Make a Deal
Stupider ballpark names from the bros


Sponsor: Roadie Tuner


Jon and Vince's Excellent Adventure
Vince’s Groaners



Besides poking fun at stadiums with stupid names, the Bros have an animated (as always) discussion about a mascot, a couple of ballplayers, and the Kentucky Derby. The website now has a new Announcement Bar at the top! All we have to do is click or tap on it. This week it takes us to Jon’s newest blog entry: Hallmark Christmas Movie Review. And Jeri makes an exciting announcement about an automatic guitar tuner. 

Porkchop, the Herron IL mascot is a loveable, slightly overweight pig whose stomach almost touches the ground. His picture is in the show notes so we can judge for ourselves. Ed McDevitt, of useless information fame, reappears with uncharacteristically interesting observations about Vladimir Guerrero Jr, third baseman for Toronto (Vlady Jr in the show notes).  

Although he’s considered the top prospect in MLB, Jon is not a fan of overly enthusiastic hyperbole about any baseball player. No one can be the best at everything all the time. It would leave a fan in a state of perpetual astonishment. Jeri thinks he just doesn’t like Russians. 

The Brothers set the stage for the party atmosphere of the Kentucky Derby, from the latest fashions and big hats to mint juleps, right down to the horse dookie. The big story is that the favorite, Omaha Beach, was scratched because of a breathing problem, which Jon explains. He requires minor surgery so he should be okay, but not in time for the Derby. Jeri can’t get over the five hours of TV coverage for a two-minute race. 

Jon tells us that the original name of the White Sox ballpark was Comiskey Park, named after White Sox owner Charles Comiskey in 1910. Then corporations discovered they could make money off the names. It was renamed US Cellular Field in 2003, and then Guaranteed Rate Field in 2016. Stupid names, huh? 

One problem is finding a short way to refer to the park. US Cellular Field became known as the “Cell,” and that worked out well. I’m going down to the ‘Cell.’ Guaranteed Rate Field not so much. And what if a brand goes down in flames, like Enron Field in Houston? Not wanting to be associated with that name, they had wait for a new sponsor.  It was eventually renamed Minute Maid Field… a little too cutesy for a ballpark. 

The Brothers have a lot of fun with the stadium names, especially their own stupider ballpark names. The creativity goes off the rails. Look for some x-rated suggestions from Jeri.