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S04 E23 – The Good Fight


The Bro Show Podcast

S04 E23 – The Good Fight

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


Along with several follow-ups on the Kentucky Derby, Jon’s new “2019 Opening Day in Milwaukee” blog, the Brothers give us a rollicking review of “The Good Fight.” This is the CBS Streaming series about a liberal lawyer (played by Christine Baranski) fighting the good fight in court, and along parallel lines, the good fight in the Trump era.

The series takes place in Chicago. The Boys tell us about the “Kill All Lawyers” story line where a man kills his divorce lawyer and is captured on TV ranting KILL ALL LAWYERS. The murder of attorneys escalates, and two coworkers at the firm open a letter where a white powder spills out. There are calls to evacuate. Jon explains that there is legitimate concern about violence and threats against lawyers in the real Chicago.

Jeri describes one of the characters played by comedienne Jane Lynch. She appears in a couple of episodes where the phenomenon of birds crashing into windows occurs. Jane Lynch doesn’t flinch. She just blows it off, telling her associates that it happens at a certain time of day when the sun hits the windows. Jon gives us the benefit of his expertise about this problem, and how Chicago is working to deal with it, and hopefully eliminate it.

Jon is the perfect person to enlighten us about the epidemic of police brutality in Chicago. Currently, the city is losing millions of dollars, borne out of the multiple lawsuits against police misconduct. See link in the show notes.

In a much more positive story, Jon reveals a Chicago program offering College Access for Undocumented (DACA) Students. In 2014 Mayor Emanuel and City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) Chancellor Cheryl Hyman announced the Chicago Star Scholarship. It enables those who qualify to earn an associate degree with no out-of-pocket costs. More information is in the link in the show notes.

The Brothers’ enthusiasm about whatever subjects they’re covering ropes us right in with them. We learn about policies and events we wouldn’t have otherwise known. Praise da Broze!