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S04 E24 – They Got That Arch


The Bro Show Podcast

S04 E24 – They Got That Arch

Jon, Jeri and Blondie

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Jon’s 2019 Opening Day in Milwaukee Report
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Felicity Varsity pleads guilty in Varsity Blues Scandal
Update to Baseball Strange Injury List
Ronny Chieng is all about solutions, too!
After tough 3rd game loss, Blues get bounce back win  against Sharks to even Western Conference Series 2-2


The Arch succeeded in a city where so many other things did not
Stuff we thought would work - What Happened?
- Gaslight_Square
- One City Center
- The_Dome
- Union Station
So, why did the Arch “work”?

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Vince’s Groaners



Da broze pitch “The Arch” as the most successful undertakIng in St Louis hIstory, and debate why other initiatIves didn’t seem to “work.” Follow-ups include the Varsity Blues Scandal, more Strange Baseball Injuries, and new young comedian Ronny Chieng! We can read Jon’s “2019 Opening Day in Milwaukee” blog entry by clicking or tapping on the black Announcement Bar at the top of the page. 

The festivities begin with a rundown of Felicity Huffman’s guilty plea in the Varsity Blues scandal, and another defendant who pleaded not-guilty and who may end up in “Martha Stewart” prison. 

Jon recounts some of the most hilarious self-defeating baseball injuries that ball players inflict upon themselves. One of the most unbelievable ones has been done by pitchers, who used their pitching hand to punch into a hard object, like a wall. We can only imagine the damage that did.  

The ultimate in problem-solving comes from comedian Ronny Chieng (See link). He offers Asians as unbiased arbiters in America’s black/white race wars, because they have no “skin” in the game. Chieng has lots of hysterical must-see youtube videos, like Teaching Mother to Use Computer.     

We know how cool St Louis used to be. The Boys remind us of the historic Union Station, which was the largest and busiest train station in the world. When the city converted it in the early 80s to a shopping mall and outsourced the transportation to other areas, things just went downhill from there. They ignored the big changes going on around them. Changes in transportation, technology, city-planning… they didn’t seem to look ahead. 

Jon and Jeri reminisce about other previous hot spots in the city (listed in the show notes), and why they eventually disappeared into oblivion. Their take on why “The Arch” is working sounds spot on. 

We learned a lot about the history of St Louis from The Brothers. These are also things that can be applied to other big cities in the country.

Hail to da broze for teaching us so much!