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S04 E25 – Fartman Makes Amends


The Bro Show Podcast

S04 E25 – Fartman Makes Amends

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


We’re talking shock jock Howard Stern, of course. Animated by brain-enhanced coffee (we’ll be the judge of that), dabroze, along with the MSD High School kids, honor the therapy dogs that helped them through the trauma of the horrific shooting that killed 17 last year. There’s some sports stuff, then they praise billionaire Robert Smith for his generous gift to Moreland graduates in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas put pictures of their therapy dogs in this year’s yearbook (See link).  They played a big part in healing the grief-stricken students. One Twitter user said, “They should all be valedogtorians.” Jon said that some of them came from Humane Society shelters. Jeri said that they were gonna be “put down,” and he didn’t mean ‘insulted.’ These dogs could do so much good in schools, and not necessarily just for grief, but for the general stress of high school. 

Jon cheers on his St Louis Blues hockey team. For the first time in 49 years, they made the Stanley Cup Finals! They’re a real comeback team, now up against the Boston Bruins. We’ll be looking forward to the follow-up on that.  

Then we have the uplifting story of Robert Smith who, in the middle of his commencement speech, announced that he personally would be paying off all their student loans. Jon takes a deep-dive into the matter, pointing out that Smith’s money would go directly to the students at the historically black Morehouse College.  Other high-profile donors have given to schools, including Ivy League colleges, and gotten perks and money in return. Some were shamed into giving it back. 

The boys dissect and psychoanalyze the remaking of Howard Stern. He was so miserable after his divorce in 2001, and worried about how his daughters would view him, that he went to a psychotherapist four days a week. He has a new book, “Howard Stern Comes Again,” which is a compilation of many of his celebrity interviews.

Dabroze have a must-hear discussion of the “old Howard.”  He himself has admitted that he was “an insecure narcissist who was so terrified his audience would turn the dial that he bullied his guests to either submit or flee.” Hear the story of Howard’s failed attempt to apologize to Robin Williams. His interview with Robin had haunted him for years. 

Jeri gives us his insight into Howard’s interview with a very unlikely person: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation organization. Howard, being a part of that movement, said it was his best interview. Jeri agrees, being a TM teacher himself. 

The Bros suggest to Howard (they know he’s listening) that he start a podcast. They’re not gonna produce it, he’ll have to start his own. They’re not afraid of the competition. Bring it on! 

Delivering the usual unexpected laughs along the way, dabroze again enlighten us with their surprising depth.