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S04 E26 – Don’t Drink the Chemo


The Bro Show Podcast

S04 E26 – Don’t Drink the Chemo

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


Dabroze tackle the Student Loan crisis, also citing Jesse Jackson’s article hoping that Robert Smith’s donation to Morehouse students sparks more donations, AND pushes Congress to address the problem. The most fantastic news of all is Alex Trebek’s amazing recovery from a very pernicious cancer! 

Jesse Jackson, besides urging Congress to act, and others to take up the mantle of Robert Smith, he reminds us that African-American debt is on average $7400 higher than that of white students. This is the result of the wealth gap built up over years of slavery, segregation, housing and employment discrimination. 

Jon walks us through the severity of Student Loan debt and its effect on the economy. That debt has increased 157% over the last 11 years. The Brothers illustrate the true results of these burdensome loans. Even if students achieve their dream jobs, they’re not making any money! Too much is being taken out to pay off the loans, so they are not really able to contribute to the economy (check out all the links). 

While many film producers have flat-out threatened to leave Georgia because of its onerous abortion laws, Jeri tells us that Netflix is using a different strategy. They say it’s just a business choice for them, but it’s their ACTORS who refuse to work in Georgia if that law passes. So it’s up to them to decide whether or not they want to lose billions of dollars in revenue for their state.

Alex Trebek’s pancreatic cancer hits close to home for the Bros, each having their own challenges with cancer. Alex announced that he is “near remission” and his tumors have shrunk by 50%. He also admitted that the chemo sometimes made him inexplicably depressed, causing him to cry. He thought that made him a “wuss.” 

Jeri advocates for the huge impact that a positive attitude has on one’s prognosis, being a living example of that himself. There is a link that shows why tracking your symptoms can make you feel worse. The boys also discuss the many other celebrities who have succumbed to pancreatic cancer, including Michael Landon and Patrick Swayze. 

Leave it Jon to bring up the wisdom of using Alex Trebek as a life insurance spokesman, hah! I’ve thought of that myself.   

Jon announced a new baseball injury; broken ribs as the result of a massage. He thinks that warrants more research to find out exactly how that happened. Jeri thinks it’s embarrassing that he reads those cheerleader books. I think it’s endearing. Lee and Darby rock!