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S04 E05 - The Best of...


The Bro Show Podcast

S04 E05 - The Best of...

Jon, Jeri and Blondie



  • Bro serves Bro Show Suspension - Real Story

  • Da Bears win Central Division & make playoffs

  • New Year’s Eve

    • Jon’s pistachio injury results in NWestern comeback in Holiday Bowl

    • Jeri changed out catheter & did nails


  • Oh so many choices - Theater, TV & Streaming

  • Hallmark Christmas Movie Phenomenon

  • The Hallmark CMP (Christmas Movie Process)

    • Contentious meet up ripens to romance

    • Recovery from reckoning moment

    • Holiday music & decorations in picturesque setting

    • Snowball fight & hot chocolate

  • 2018 Hallmark Christmas Movie Best & Worst

  • Christmas Chronicles

  • Get Santa



  • Vince’s groaners


Blondie’s Review

The song! The song!! It’s Jeri singing and playing guitar! No more ‘Hey Ho Let’s Go.’ Thank you, thank you.

Jon, very unselfishly, took all the blame for the absence of last week’s show, when he could’ve just left it at: “We were on Christmas vacation.” BUT….…. he claims that “the star of the show, who shall remain nameless” went on a monster rant of immense proportions. He said it was the most self-absorbed, self-centered, self-delusional, self-justifying, self-serving, self- fill-in-the-blank, what the hell.

It ended in over-reaction. In referring to the last show (the Christmas Show), “The Star,” going back to the first person, said “I put that show on auto-pilot. I was the weak-willed, wimp, creampuff.” So Jon put himself on a self-imposed one week suspension. He felt like he broke the Bro Show’s winning streak. He’s back to the hardcore, edgy Bro that he should be.

This show was much more loose and freewheeling. A little about the Chicago Bears and whatever playoff, but mostly about personal life experiences. For New Year’s, Jeri changed catheters and artistically created his two-toned fingernail look. Jon had an unfortunate pistachio injury to one of his fingernails. Don’t know if it was necessary to call the bag of pistachios a nut sack, though.

Jon was able to break down the Hallmark Christmas movies into a pretty predictable pattern. We find out that he can use the Hallmark addiction as a pretext to become a little bolder with Anja, who is also an addict. I have to tell ya, there was a lot more laughing in this episode… which causes a lot more laughing from the audience.

It looks like The Bro Show is embarking on not only a new year, but a new era…. and they’re gonna kick ass with it.