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S05 E03 – They Cooked the Books


The Bro Show Podcast

S05 E03 – They Cooked the Books

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


Dabroze zero in on the Boeing 737 Max scandal. Follow-ups include the St Louis Blues celebration of their Stanley Cup win, and the Toronto Raptors upset victory over the Warriors to win the NBA Championship; the first Canadian team to do so. This week’s Dog Story is about Drago, a therapy dog for a disabled Red Sox groundskeeper, and there’s an outrageous story involving a hammer.

After discussing the St Louis Blues and the Toronto Raptors, and before the Hammer story, Jon very graciously allows Jeri to tell his “I can’t get my catheter out” story. Jeri admitted it was “operator error,” and went into what Jon considered the excruciating details of how he solved the problem. 

Unable to hide his eagerness to move on, Jon dives into the Hammer story. It seems that 29 year-old Cedric Johnson met a university professor on Grindr, an LGBT dating site. The professor considered the date a ‘one-off,’ but Johnson became “very possessive,” grabbing a hammer and beating the professor on the head and in the face five times, requiring 15 stitches. 

Johnson also stole the victim’s iPhone. The professor tracked his phone to Johnson’s Chicago apartment, two blocks away. The police escorted him to the apartment, where Johnson sprayed them with BEAR repellant. He’s being held without bail on 12 felony counts. Notice the sponsor is a bear repellant. 

Jon finds us another great Dog Story. There’s a link to a youtube video about Drago, the therapy dog for Dave Mellor, now a groundskeeper for the Red Sox. Mellor’s dreams of being a being a ballplayer were dashed when he was stuck by a car, not once, but twice. Drago has helped him recover from the physical and emotional PTSD he suffered as a result of those accidents. This is a video that tugs at our hearts. 

Now on to the Boeing 737 Max scandal, with Boeing finally admitting the truth… SORT OF. They called it a “mistake,” a “miscommunication.” Jon really dug down deep into this story. What Boeing did was to modify their existing 737 to be more competitive, and they CUT OUT the pilot retraining program necessary for a new plane, which saved them a lot of money.  

The problem is, Boeing had re-positioned the engine and added sensors, which the pilots were not trained to read. So, because of MONEY, GREED, and AMBITION, a lot of people were killed. To add insult to injury, Boeing went to the White House and got Donald Trump to push the FAA to pass through this inferior plane. Again, the bottom line is all that’s important to him.  

Captain Sully Sullenberger, the famed Miracle on the Hudson pilot, testified before Congress. He told them about his experience in a simulator, running re-creations of the doomed flights. Even knowing what to expect, he could see how pilots would run into trouble. He said, “I think it is unlikely that any US airline pilots were confronted with this scenario in simulator training.”

We are constantly amazed by the vast array of knowledge Dabroze impart to us. What DON’T they know? Or if they don’t know everything they want to know about a subject, they find out. And it’s always to our benefit.