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S05 E04 – Women’s Soccer Rocks!


The Bro Show Podcast

S05 E04 – Women’s Soccer Rocks!

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


Jon is in San Diego for the 49th Annual SABR Convention (Society for American Baseball Research). Dabroze celebrate the phenomenal US Women’s Soccer Team’s victory over France, to advance to the semi-finals. And 6 year-old Labrador Bria is an airline CO-PILOT and the Dog of the Week.

Bria rides in the co-pilot seat with her owner, Charles “Chick” Gregg. He says, “People aren’t as anxious and uptight because she’s so relaxed.” Gregg runs “pet-friendly” flights, where passengers are allowed to bring their own dogs. Bria also attends to them. She wears “mutt muffs,” a headset designed to protect a dog’s hearing from high decibel levels.

At the SABR Convention, a new program-of-sorts was initiated. A baseball card was issued to each member. A matching card was issued to another member. They were encouraged to find their baseball card “match,” and strike up a conversation. Jeri asked if that intimates that their members are socially challenged. Jon said, “Yes, we’re a society of nerds.”

Jon attended the convention with Vincent Anthony Lauter, Jr (the Coach) of Groaner fame. There’s a picture of them together in the photos. Hear about the amazing San Diego Central Library. Open to everyone, it’s a laboratory for new ideas and innovation. On the 8th floor is the Sullivan Family Baseball Research Center, which welcomed the SABR Convention members.

Jon also received a very complimentary comment on his Pigeon Therapy blog post from a guy he met at the beer bar in the San Diego Hyatt. We can go to that blog from the Announcement Bar at the top of this episode and check out the comment.

The Anchor Topic is of course, the outstanding US Women’s Soccer Team. This year the FIFA Women’s World Cup competition was hosted by France. The US team and England will face off in the semi-finals. We don’t know which teams will be playing on the other side yet. The Brothers recall the US Women’s spectacular victory to win the World Cup in 1999, with Brandi Chastain tearing off her shirt.

Listen to the details about the disparity in pay between the women soccer players and the men. Their games generate more revenue than the men. They also do a lot of promotional events, making a ton more money for the US Soccer Federation than the men. Yet they have sub-par transportation, accommodations, and training facilities. They’re currently in a lawsuit against the Soccer Federation.

Megan Rapinoe, the star who scored the 2 winning goals against France, is in a high-profile Twitter war with the President of the United States. Trump refused to say whether the women’s team deserved a pay-raise or not. Rapinoe declined the President’s invitation, saying, “I’m not going to the fucking White House.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez invited her to the House of Representatives instead. She said, “Consider it done!”

I am so impressed with Dabroze deep reservoir of knowledge. Jon is the premiere authority on baseball, from stats to players’ bios, including all of their Strange Injuries. He has a blog for that, too. Jeri was on the cutting edge of technological innovation himself, starting his own business with computer hardware, and then moving on to software.