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S05 E05 – What about Al?


The Bro Show Podcast

S05 E05 – What about Al?

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


What’s the weather?
The NEW Season of the Dog Tee and Coffee Mug
Jon’s Pigeon Therapy article (reposted from City Creatures)
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Dog Story of the Week: G-Men Save Daisy the Dumpster Dog
Highlights of SABR Convention featuring Umpire Panel
Women’s World Cup U.S. vs England


Stuart Smalley Dog meme
Kirsten Gillibrand Presidential Campaign haunted by Ghost of Al Franken
Al Franken Has a Podcast


Sponsor: PG Tips Tea


Vince’s Groaners



Finally someone is talking about Al Franken and what he’s doing now.  Dabroze celebrate the US Women’s Soccer team’s victory over England, securing their spot in the Finals! Then there’s the heroic story of Dog of the Week, Daisy the Dumpster Dog.

The heroes were actually two garbage workers in Bradenton FL who found Daisy just in time. They were emptying dumpsters and just getting ready to crush the garbage, when one of them noticed a little dog that had been thrown out with the trash. They saved Daisy and turned her over to the Manatee County Sheriff, who is trying to track down the perpetrator of this despicable crime.

Jon gives us the highlights from the SABR Convention in San Diego, focusing on the Umpire Panel. We learn a lot of stuff about the Umpire Review process. For example, did you know that a manager can challenge an umpire’s call? AND, if the call is overturned, he can challenge again? Jon tells us about an umpire whose calls were overturned FOUR times.

The US Women’s Soccer team beat England to advance to the Finals. The match attracted the largest audience of 2019. But the big story seems to be Alex Morgan celebrating a goal by sipping an imaginary cup of tea with her pinkie extended. The question is: would there be the same outrage if a man did it?

Jeri found a Stuart Smalley dog meme (shown in the photos), and Dabroze started wondering “What about Al (Franken)?” No one has heard anything from him. He’s been under the radar since he had to resign from the Senate amid accusations of unwanted touching, right at the height of the MeToo movement.

The problem for Kirsten Gillibrand’s presidential bid is that she seemed to launch her campaign on the back of Al Franken, being the first to call for him to resign. It came off as self-serving and opportunistic.

It seems that Al Franken has followed Dabroze example by starting a weekly Podcast! It’s Podcast Therapy. On his second show, he had comedienne Sarah Silverstein. When we check out the first show on the Al Franken has a Podcast link, we hear that Al has been talking to several high-profile political celebrities, as well as comedian Dana Carvey. He kicks off his first show with Amazon’s Alexa. Hey, Jon knows her!

If we listen closely, we get to hear a lot of personal stories about Dabroze. From Jon’s experiences at Center for Humans and Nature, to Jeri’s conversations with daughter Rose from the Netherlands. Hear how the men’s vs women’s soccer teams plays over there. We get to know the Brothers better. They’re not just pretty faces.