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S05 E06 – Make Hay (While the Sun Shines)


The Bro Show Podcast

S05 E06 – Make Hay (While the Sun Shines)

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


Jon is still in San Francisco with Vince, The Dog of the Week is Patriot, service dog for Giants announcer Mike Krukow, Jeri and Mary Jane attended an Autism Speaks fundraiser at Blazer Tag of Austin, and Dabroze analyze the US Women’s Soccer team’s pay inequity between the men and the women.

Mike Krukow came down with a condition known as inclusion-body myositis, a progressive muscle disorder affecting legs, arms, fingers and wrists. “I’m not stable enough to walk,” he said. When people wanted to shake hands or give him a hug, he tried to lean up against a wall so he wouldn’t fall over backwards. Now he has Patriot, who creates space between his master and other people, in a most friendly and non-threatening way.

Mary Jane and Jeri went to the Autism Speaks fundraiser Thursday night at Blazer Tag of Austin, where their son Joe was a manager.  Since their grandson Ian has autism, Mary Jane asked what they were doing that day specifically for autistic children. Blazer Tag had sensor-friendly games, plus they turned off the music in the kid’s helmuts so there would be less distraction.

Dabroze reveal that there is much more to the pay gap in Women’s Soccer than just sexism, it’s what the markets allow. The first article in the show notes says that mandating equal pay isn’t the answer. It’s a matter of previously agreed to deals, health care, no markets in international soccer for them, and the men’s pot being bigger than the women’s pot, among other things. Sounds a little like excuse-making to me, but then I’m biased.

Senator Joe Manchin has a bill that would withhold funding for the 2020 World Cup until there is equal pay for the US Women’s Soccer team. It’s highly questionable whether that bill would ever go anywhere. Jon tells us that Chicago is having a “World Cup Welcome Back” event on Sunday, July 21st.  More than 12 World Cup stars will face off at SeatGeek Stadium.

Jon also announced that the US Women’s National soccer team will kick off their Victory Tour on Saturday, August 3rd at the Rose Bowl. They will play the Republic of Ireland. The game will air at 7 PM on ESPN2. Other dates for the tour are on Aug 29th, Sept 3rd, Oct 3rd, and Oct 6th. The venues and opponents have yet to be finalized.

There was a little friction between Dabroze about when protests are appropriate and when they’re not. Jon said, “Not during the parade!” Jeri said that was his way of telling him to shut the fuck up.