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S05 E07 – Rock Formation


The Bro Show Podcast

S05 E07 – Rock Formation

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


What’s the weather?
The NEW Season of the Dog Tee and Coffee Mug
Jon’s Pigeon Therapy article (reposted from City Creatures)
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Dog Story: In Korea, Dog Days cause protest
Bank of England £50 Note will feature LGBTQ WWII hero Alan Turing in 2021
Monica’s Lewinsky is rockin’ Twitter
The Mueller Report you just might read


Echo in the Canyon


Sponsor: App Brewery’s Flutter Development Bootcamp


Vince’s Groaners



Dabroze review two movies, Echo in the Canyon and Yesterday. The Dog Story of the Week is about the protests against “Dog Meat Days” in Seoul, South Korea. Follow-Ups include WWII LGBTQ hero Alan Turing on the 50-pound note in 2021, Monica Lewinsky and the Mueller Report!

Jon tells us about Kim Basinger leading the protests in Seoul in front of the National Assembly against the eating of dog meat on July 12th, the first of three ‘Dog Meat Days.’ According to tradition, many South Koreans believe that gives them strength to beat the heat. A bill is proposed that would make the killing of dogs for food illegal. Some oppose the law because they believe that would be surrendering to Western pressure.

Jeri announced that Alan Turing will be on the British 50-pound note in 2021.  Alan Turing, the Father of Artificial Intelligence, the German code-cracking hero of WWII, was thrown in jail after the war for being gay. They gave him the choice of remaining in jail or being chemically castrated. He chose the latter, for which he subsequently killed himself. The Queen has since apologized for this dark era in British history, and granted Turing a pardon in 2013.

Monica Lewinsky has earned the moral authority to speak out on Twitter. She combines that with not being beyond self-deprecating humor. She is a vocal advocate against bullying. When the Starr Report came out, it was splashed all over TV and newspapers, with her character being constantly besmirched.

In contrast, when the Mueller Report came out against the granddaddy of sexual predators, it was squashed for three weeks by the lying and complicit AG William Barr. He then took it upon himself to promote the conclusion: No Collusion and No Obstruction. Monica said, “If fucking only” the Starr Report had been squashed like the Mueller Report was.

The Boys describe the different ways in which the 448-page Mueller Report has been condensed, summarized, illustrated (check out the link), and turned into audio books so that people will understand it. Jon alluded to “book inches,” a phrase his wife came up with to describe how much space his books took up. He was trying to get Jeri to say “bone inches,” which refers to the length of an erect penis. Jeri didn’t take the bait, though.

They did come together, independently, on what Bob Mueller should do when he comes before Congress next Wednesday. He should tell each member he will answer their questions if they can pass a test on his report. And they’ll get a Bonus Essay question, which will show their true understanding of the report. 

Echo in the Canyon refers to the music explosion that came out of LA’s Laurel Canyon in the 60s. The film of the same name stars Jacob Dylan, Bob Dylan’s son. It documents the bands that collaborated to form a new generation of American pop music. Some of the now-much-older band members discuss their bed-hopping and drug-taking. David Crosby admitted that he was fired from the Byrds for being “a complete asshole.”

Yesterday is a fantasy film about a struggling musician, Jack Malik, played by Himesh Patel, and his childhood friend and manager, Ellie, played by Lili James. Jack bikes into a bus during a global blackout. When he wakes up in a hospital, he finds out that he is the only person who remembers the Beatles. He sings and records their music as his own. Himesh Patel is very talented as he performs live throughout the film.

The characters Jack and Ellie fall in love. She gives him an ultimatum. He has to choose between her and his career. It breaks his heart, but he cannot give up his career.  He gets a chance to talk to John Lennon, who is still alive in this fantasy. John advises him to pursue the one he loves and always tell the truth. The Brothers didn’t want to spoil it for us, so we’ll have to watch the movie to find out what Jack decides.

Dabroze each had the idea of Robert Mueller questioning Congress on their own. They didn’t know until the show that they had both thought of the same thing. Great minds think alike!