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S05 E08 – Here I Come to Save the Day!


The Bro Show Podcast

S05 E08 – Here I Come to Save the Day!

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


What’s the weather?
What are you wearing?
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Dog Story: Best Dog Songs (what about Jimi?)
Toys R Us is coming back, but what about Geoffrey?
The Brit Guide to Understanding Ed Sheeran
Al Franken: Regrets and Remorse


America’s Got Talent / Andy Kaufman routine controversy
Kaufman’s influences - 50’s TV, Jerry Lewis, MMY
People Kaufman enabled - Steven Martin, Bobcat Goldthwait, Pee Wee Herman


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Vince’s Groaners



Dabroze rip into the obvious rip-off of Andy Kaufman’s SNL Mighty Mouse bit by a contestant on America’s Got Talent. Follow-ups include the 7 Best Dog Songs, the Toys R Us comeback, the questionable talents of pop star Ed Sheeran, and regrets and remorse from Al Franken.

There’s a link to the 7 Best Dog Songs, plus a suggestion by Jeri to one from Jimi Hendrix. The Toys R Us franchise is coming back, with a new look and a major online presence. There will be giant figures of our beloved Geoffrey the Giraffe, where kids (and maybe Jon) can take selfies with him.

The link to the Ed Sheeran article shows the love/hate relationship with him from the hilarious perspective of dry, British tongue-in-cheek humor. It encourages Americans to stop being quite so charmed by him.  The Al Franken article revealed that not only did he regret resigning, but that seven senators wish they could take back their calls for him to step down.

It was a rush to judgement in the heat of the #MeToo movement. There was never an investigation, and many of the allegations might not have stood up to scrutiny. Especially the one by conservative talk show host Leeann Tweeden. Her story was never fact-checked, and is now largely seen as a political hit job.

America’s Got Talent judges voted to keep karaoke contestant Andy Rowell in the running, after his rendition of “Tequila,” which only SAYS (not sings) that one word at various intervals. Twitter lit up with charges that it was a “total rip-off” of late comedian Andy Kaufman’s SNL Mighty Mouse bit. How could Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel (who knew Kaufman) and the other judges not see that?

The Brothers cover the things Andy was influenced by; 50’s TV, Jerry Lewis, etc. There were also other comedians who were influenced by him. Mary Jane and Jeri met Andy Kaufman in Santa Barbara when they were all teachers of Transcendental Meditation. Andy tried to hit on Mary Jane, just at the time that Jeri was falling in love with her. Obviously, it did not end well for Andy.

We find out that Jon can really hit some high notes! He should be singing with Jeri. Except when he sings “Here I Come to Save the Day.” For the kids who never heard of Mighty Mouse, check out this short Andy Kaufman clip.