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S05 E09 – Once upon a Time (in Hollywood)


The Bro Show Podcast

S05 E09 – Once upon a Time (in Hollywood)

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


What’s the weather?
Jon’s 2019 Oakland / San Francisco Baseball Trip
What are you wearing?
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Dog Story: Brandy, star In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, wins Palm Dog Award 
US Women Pay Debate gets complicated but the Truth hurts
Good Witch Hallmark series makes it to Netflix
The new era of Spider-Man baseball


☑️ Music, ☑️ Acting, ☑️ Era, ☑️ Story, ☑️ Action
Did Quentin Tarantino complete his mission?
What’s the deal with the Hitchcock style NDA ending?


Sponsor: Shelter Pet Project


Things to Think About



The Dog Story is about Brandy, the canine star of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Dabroze give a spirited review of this Quentin Tarantino movie. Follow-ups include the debate for equal pay by US Womens’ Soccer, the Good Witch Hallmark series, and Spider-Man baseball.

Jon tells us the story of how Delaware Red pit bull Sayuri got to play Brad Pitt’s dog Brandy in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Michelle and Matt Koslowski, owners and breeders of these dogs, received a random phone call. They wanted a dog for a Quentin Tarantino movie!

The US Soccer Federation says they have paid women MORE than the men in recent years. Jon gives us the stats, which only prove that to be true according to the Federation (check out the link). On closer scrutiny, they leave out much of the discrimination the women experience in transportation, accomodations, and other perks. .

Jeri announces that the Hallmark series Good Witch is now streaming on Netflix. Cassie, played by Catherine Bell, is a very low-key witch who only uses her powers for good. Jeri also likes the setting, the buildings, and the fact that there is snow on the ground while Austin is burning up.

Jon describes an unbelievable play during Thursday’s Mets-White Sox game, which he dubs a new era of “Spider-Man Baseball.”  Because the White Sox were the first to expand protective netting to the foul poles, Mets right-fielder Jeff MacNeil made an amazing catch of a foul ball. MacNeil gracefully tumbled into the net and acrobatically landed on his cleats.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is about faded TV actor Rick Dalton, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and his stunt man Cliff Booth, played by Brad Pitt. It’s set in 1969 Los Angeles, which is deemed to be the final days of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

The movie shows the struggle of the characters, Rick and Cliff, to get out of TV roles and make it to the big time, the silver screen. Just the background of the era, the cars, the fashions, all the stars, make it an enjoyable movie to watch. It also covers big events of the time that the Brothers are not allowed to talk about.

They are greatly restrained by Tarantino’s NDA (non-disclosure agreement) plea, not to give away the ending of the movie. This agreement, signed by cast and crew members, doesn’t even allow them to talk about the fantastic female co-star.

Dabroze discuss an exciting catch by a player using the new netting, which propelled him back onto his feet. Then they devolve into whether or not the player would have a chance to grab any ass, and the practice of ballplayers patting and grabbing the ass of other ballplayers.