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S05 E12 – Bedlam at the Movies


The Bro Show Podcast

S05 E12 – Bedlam at the Movies

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


What’s the weather?
New Post: Making of the New Intro on Jeri’s blog
What are you wearing? (Not explicit)
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Dog Story: Racing Greyhounds in Florida will soon need a home and Greyhound Adoption Agencies 

Loyola Ramblers Biggest Booster Turns 100  and How Sister Jean helped Coach Moser make a major decision


Air Mattresses Went Flying in Denver
The Bros are 50yrs ahead of this phenomenon


Sponsor: GarageBand by Apple


Groaners (NOT Puns!!)



Air mattresses go flying at an outdoor movie in Denver! We hear how this reminds the Dabroze of their childhood. In the Dog Story, Jon promotes the Greyhound Adoption Agencies, since dog racing was voted illegal in Florida as of 2020. And the Loyola Ramblers’ biggest supporter turns 100 years old!

Jon evaluates all the attributes of the Greyhound, and the advantages of owning one. He urges people to adopt one of these magnificent dogs who have spent their lives racing. Jon tells us about the time he took his wife Marge to a Greyhound track, and almost bet on a dog named Marge.

The Brothers celebrate the 100th birthday of Sister Jean Delores-Schmidt. In 1994 she became the official team chaplain for the men’s basketball team, the Loyola Ramblers. Listen to the story of how she helped Coach Porter Moser face a crucial career decision in April. 

The Bed Cinema came to Denver last weekend at Runway 35 for a whole new outdoor film viewing experience. Blow-up mattresses were laid out in front of the movie screen for outdoor movie-watching under the stars. But before the show, a strong wind came up, and the air mattresses went flying all over the place! Check out Air Mattresses Go Flying.

Then we find out how a mattress came to be in the back of the boys’ company truck in the 60s. Jeri was in a rock band and he had to take naps between jobs for their Pop. Yeah, right. That doesn’t quite explain how the truck came to be known as the “jump wagon.” They did, however, take it to drive-in movies… way ahead of The Bed Cinema.

Jeri has a new blog entry, explaining how he achieved the complete band sound for the new Intro and Outro. Among other things, he used this week’s sponsor, GarageBand by Apple. The blog will include pictures of his equipment, as well as audio clips of the sound.