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S05 E14 – Vaping Madness


The Bro Show Podcast

S05 E14 – Vaping Madness

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


Jeri addresses the anti-vaping madness in the wake of the proposal to ban flavored vaping juices. Jon’s Dog Story is the K9 & Equine Plaza tribute east of Soldier Field to 3 horses and 7 dogs who died in the line of duty. And Jeri has a gig at the Clinton, MD VFW club on Saturday, September 28th at 6:30 PM~!

Jon announces K9 & Equine Plaza’s plan to have a memorial for these heroic animals next to the one for fallen police officers and first responders. It will be next to the Gold Star Families Memorial Park, where there is a wall listing the names of the fallen heroes of the Chicago Police Department. Jon tells us some stories about how those horses and dogs lost their lives in the performance of their duties. 

Jeri introduces the tongue-twisting “She Shed,” which is the female answer to the Man Cave. Jon is actually the one who found this story in a State Farm commercial, googled it, and found out how it changed the life of the actress who’s in it. 

Jeri covers the history of vaping all the way back to ancient Egypt where they used hot stones to vape herbs. Much the same thing is done at the Indian sweat lodges Jeri attends. He has been vaping and researching it since his late son Joe quit smoking cigarettes and moved to vaping. 

He explains why some of the misinformation put out by the government is false. A lot of it is misuse by some customers. There are isolated cases of coils being used incorrectly. The vaping industry itself has done extensive research and puts out comprehensive information for anyone using vaping equipment. 

The proposed ban is on flavored juices only. In a shout-out to the tobacco industry, the government says tobacco flavors are still okay, though. It’s better to have vaping regulated by the vaping industry, who knows what it’s doing, than by the government, who has an agenda.  Remember Prohibition?  

Greg Conley, the President of the American Vaping Association, shut down Dr Sanja Gupta on CNN. Conley cites statistics showing that 2.5 million people have quit smoking by moving to vapes. Teen smoking has almost been wiped out because cigarettes are no longer cool. He also reminds Gupta that he was wrong about marijuana 20 years ago, which he recently admitted.  Watch it on this link:

Dr Gupta clashes with the President of the AVA