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S05 E15 – Hella Mega


The Bro Show Podcast

S05 E15 – Hella Mega

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


What’s the weather?
New Post: The Moonlight Men of Baseball
What are you wearing? (Not explicit)
Sponsor: Harley Davidson


Dog Story: A Nose for Sniffing Out Trouble
Apple Watch always-on: not an incremental change 
Should I throw out my weed vape pen?
Blondie’s reporting: Dr Gupta clashes with the President of the AVA
Arizona Fall League gets off to early start


The tour is big business (four bands; several continents)
Green Day is VERY active suddenly:
  – Promoting the Hella Mega Tour
  – Released a new single along with some controversy
  – Celebrated 25th anniversary of Dookie with a Marshall FX pedal
Weezer and Fall Out Boy on the tour also
Preview at Whiskey-a-Go-Go (two hours; three bands)


Sponsor: Harley Davidson





Jeri is psyched about the new Green Day “Hella Mega” Tour. Jon’s Dog Story explores the science behind how dogs are able to detect disease. Follow-ups include the Apple Watch Series 5 hitting its stride, how vaping THC seems to be the culprit in most vaping-related deaths, and the Arizona Fall League moves its starting date up two weeks.

Jon recommends to dog lovers best-selling author Maria Goodavage’s new book coming out on October 1st: “Doctor Dogs: How Our Best Friends are Becoming Our Best Medicine”. Dogs have 50 times as many olfactory receptors as humans do. That’s how they are able to actually sniff out diseases and health crises.

The body emits Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), some associated with certain diseases and illnesses, such as diabetes and cancer. Jon read an article in Northwestern Magazine about the book. He details some examples of dogs sniffing out health problems. Jon has decided that before he has a scheduled CT scan, he wants to have a dog-sniff first. Luckily for him, dogs usually like to sniff the area he needs sniffed.

Jeri discusses the Should I Throw Out My Weed Vape Pen? link. He says yeah, you probably should. The problem is you don’t know what else is going to be in them, especially the ones you get on the street. The big take-away from the article is that most (if not all) vaping-related deaths are due to vaping THC, the chemical in marijuana. Dr Gupta’s argument against vaping is reposted, as well as a link to articles from the American Vaping Association itself.

Jon very patiently allows Jeri to go all freaky on the new Green Day, Fallout Boy, Weezer “Hella Mega” Tour coming soon. Considering that most people, including family, friends and sweat lodgers walk away when Jeri starts talking about Green Day, that was very gracious of Jon. Jeri has his Green Day obsession, and Jon has his baseball…

… which apparently allowed Jon to do an excellent job on the stats: the dates, March 8th through August 29th, the legs of the tour, the venues, and promotion. There was a premiere at Whisky-a-Go-Go on September 10th, and they performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! September 12th.

Listen to Jeri’s very compelling story about his attachment to Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day. Of course, the Boys will see the ‘Hella Mega’ bands when they perform live at Wrigley Field in Chicago on August 13, 2020.  

This time it was Jon’s turn to be gracious. Next time it’ll be Jeri’s.