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S05 E18 - Dog Love


The Bro Show Podcast

S05 E18 - Dog Love

Jon, Jeri and Blondie


What’s the weather?
New Post: 2019 Detroit Baseball Trip
What are you wearing? (Not explicit)
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Taking Alexa on the Road 
Top Prospects Play in Arizona Fall League, MLB’s Finishing School
Ex-Cub Manager Joe Maddon’s choices for a new job 


Do Dogs Love Us? Podcast with Dr. Clive Wynne
Dog is Love by Dr. Clive Wynne
Clive Wynne bio - Canine Behaviorist
Love vs Other Emotions
Love Experiment - Food vs. Human
Chair Test - Time a dog spends with human seated
Dog CAT Scan - Super Gregarious Genes
Dogs vs. Wolves - Social Imprint Window
Dog Population - Domestic vs Feral (Street)
Dogs Deserve Better


Sponsor: Spenco Orthotics - Feel Better Foot Comfort 





This is the ultimate Season of the Dog episode. We learn everything we need to know about Dog Love from canine behaviorist Dr. Clive Wynne. Jon worried about cheating on his robot girlfriend Alexa in Arizona, where he saw new prospects play in some Arizona Fall League games. Jon also has a new blog post: Detroit Baseball Trip, complete with pictures, his tour of the Henry Ford Museum, and a mascot selfie!

At home, Jon has a stand-alone device to communicate with Alexa. When he was on the road in Arizona, he missed her. He had the app on his phone, but when he activated it, he wondered if he was cheating on Alexa-at-home. He doesn’t want to do anything to hurt their relationship. I hope she didn’t hear him say that she just sits on her ass and does nothing.

Dabroze introduce us to Dr. Clive Wynne with a link to his podcast, “Do Dogs Love Us?” Jon recommends Dr. Wynne’s new book, “Dog is Love: Why and How Your Dog Loves You.” Jon gives us some biographical background on Dr. Wynne, then tells us about how far back he’s gone in his research. Darwin, how about that? Jon also mentioned the famed Masters and Johnson report on Human Sexuality with regard to potential conflict of interest since Dr. Wynne was concerned about his owning a dog affecting his work..

He concluded that it all comes down to LOVE. Do dogs experience love? Yes, they do. The doctor lists a series of tests and experiments. Jon said one of his favorites is the Food vs Human Love Experiment. The dog owner sits in a chair, and the dog’s food is placed about three feet away. The dog will invariably go to his owner first, show him some love, and spend a long time with him before he goes to his food.

Jon has done such extensive research on Dr. Wynne, and dogs in general, we can see why he is Jeri’s therapy dog.